Haskell Stack on Arch Linux

written by Guido Percú on September 6, 2016


$ yaourt --m-arg "--skippgpcheck" -Sb ncurses5-compat-libs 
$ yaourt -S haskell-stack


Create a new project using the stack new command

$ stack new project_name

We now have a Haskell project inside project_name. We should stack setup to install a GHC (the most common Haskell compiler) for your project.

$ stack setup

Go ahead, explore your new project. Take a peek at how it looks inside:

$ tree

Play with Haskell on ghci

$ stack ghci

It already loads your Lib file. You can modify it at src/Lib

Main Lib> someFunc

The most important step in any project is the build:

$ stack build

*Note: if stack build don't print any information on the screen, try removing .stack-work directory.

$ rm .stack-work

To see a nice little "Hello World" message on our screen, execute your project:

$ stack exec project_name-exe

To get more information, check out the user guide. Guide to Learn Haskell