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10 Best Books I have Read in 2015

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Favorite books read in 2015

The Far Side of The World book cover

1- The Far Side of the World, by Patrick O Brian

Tenth book from the series, the last book from the Master and Commander series by Patrick O Brian published in Brazil. I really enjoyed reading this series, it is like a old friend. This is not the best book, but it made me feel kinda sad when it finished. a Business Model Generation

2- Business Model Generation

This book open my mind. I started seeing ideas and looking at business with a new perspective.

The Innovators by Walter Isaacson

3- The Innovators: How a Group of Inventors, Hackers, Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution

I find it very important to know the history of the field we are working on. In this excellent book, Walter Isaacson tells the history of the digital revolution. From Ada Lovelace first programmer to Google and Wikipedia. Fascinating read.

How to Create a Mind - Ray Kurzweil

4- How to Create a mind

From Ray Kurzweil, an inventor and engineer who works at Google and at his own AI company, it presents the “Pattern Recognition Theory of Mind” (PRTM), which is according to him the basic algorithm of the neocortex. It covers both AI and Neuroscience fields.


5- Maus: A Survivors Tale

Is a graphic novel by Art Spiegelman about a Polish Jew on Holocaust. It is the first graphic novel to win the Pulitzer Prize.

The Art of Asking - by Amanda Palmer

6- The art of asking

From Amanda Palmer famous TED talk, this book tells Amanda s history as an artist, and why we should learn to ask and be grateful for receiving.

V for Vendetta - by Alan Moore

7- V for Vendetta

Is a graphic novel by Alan Moore (the same author of Watchmen) in a post-apocalyptic distopian United Kingdom where the main chacter tries to destroy the state and free the people.

The Art of Thinking Clearly - by Rolf Dobelli

8- The Art of Thinking Clearly

This books helped me understand a lot of mistakes we does when we make decisions. Why should I fear terrorism if car accidents are much more likely? How to measure the performance of an investment fund without being biased? In summary, it is a good book with a list of mistakes and cognitive biases to which we are prone.

The Character of Physical Laws- by Richard Feynman

9- The Character of Physical Laws - Richard Feynman

The essence of Physics to common people. It is not an easy read, but it is totally worth it. Based on a series of lectures from Richard Feynman. Best to read this book while watching the lectures online at Project Tuva (warnning: it requires Silverlight plugin)

Economic Policy- by Ludwig Von Mises

10-Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow - Ludwig Von Mises

Another book based on a series of lectures, this time about economy. It is easy and joyful to read, and it changed the way I think about economy and state. You can download it for free at Mises Institute.